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Main Campus
East Campus
August 30August 31September 1September 2September 3September 4September 5
High School Retreat (Grades 9-13) [only people who came to LTC, High School 1 or 2 Summer 2015] - Check-In: Fri 8:00pm - Register Now! - Departure: Sun 1:00pm
September 6September 7September 8September 9September 10September 11September 12
HSR (cont.)
September 13September 14September 15September 16September 17September 18September 19
Guys' Retreat [A retreat for young men high school age and up.] - Check-In: Fri 7:00pm - Register Now! - Departure: Sun 12:00pm
September 20September 21September 22September 23September 24September 25September 26
GR (cont.)
October 4October 5October 6October 7October 8October 9October 10
Fall Retreat (Grades 7-13) - Check-In: Fri 8:00pm - Register Now! - Departure: Sun 1:00pm
October 11October 12October 13October 14October 15October 16October 17
FR (cont.)
October 25October 26October 27October 28October 29October 30October 31
College & Career Retreat - Fall - Check-In: Fri 5:00pm - Register Now! - Departure: Sat 5:00pm